We’re Still Growing….

Tell Your Friends!

Yes, we’re still growing. We don’t post everyday on Facebook or our website news page. We do however change our featured carousel every weekday, great to visit on a day to day basis. This highlights a specific range that might be of interest to you that you might not know we sell.

New Stuff

New items are added most days. We are however a customer faced business. We sell items every day and those orders must be processed and in some cases made and fulfill with in 24 hours. Those sales really get in the way of adding new products! Only kidding. We would rather not add new products, we have over 3,700 lines listed already, than to slow down our sales process and delivery cycle. But, we’re still growing even with all those orders coming in.

Old stuff

We’re also deleting some older products that are have become unavailable.

Updating Stuff

We’ve also put some work in to updating a number of products that came over from our Giftzouk website. During the data wrangling, it lost it’s requirement to have details entered prior to accepting the order. This update has now been completed.

We’re also working on the alcohol products to put a tick box in to confirm that the purchaser is over 18. We can then remove the banner on the top of the site. This will take a few weeks to do.

New New Stuff

There is an imminent product launch, there has been for a couple of weeks but the week lost due to my illness and the writing off of my car has slowed the process down quite considerably.

I’m now firing on all cylinders…ish so as soon as I’ve got the listing done… You’ll be the first to know and your gift giving will never be the same again.

Onwards and upwards, we should do this more often:)

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