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With the Summer term winding down, it’s time for parents and school kids alike to take a well earned rest from school. But, is your child is going back in September to the same school or moving up? Then the break will mean a purchase of a few ‘grown out’ of items or a new school uniform. Either way it’s a big expense. It could end in tears on the first day of the new term. It’s time to get ready and buy some waterproof clothes labels.

We make and sell Clothes Labels and Laundry Tags. It’s a sizeable part of our business too. We’re also parents and now grandparents. Above all school uniforms are expensive things to mislay, lose and even get stolen. We have the T Shirt!

What could possibly go wrong?

Back in the day, my proud mum used her Co-op dividend to buy my school uniform. That shows my age in so many ways. A blazer, coat, tie, trousers, shirts. Plus, gym kit, rugby kit, cricket kit and a towel. Mum brought the best, all a size or two too big. Moreover, she was a very proud lady sending me off to ‘big’ school. However, she had made one big mistake, none of these very expensive clothes had a tag in them to say who they belonged to.

Sooner or later tragedy was bound to strike. The first gym period was it, I can remember it even now 51 years later, not for what happened but for the reaction from my mum the following day after she had done the laundry. You see, whilst I was showering my sweaty T Shirt and Shorts had been ‘replaced’ and when I came out of the shower my Towel had gone too.

A number of the guys were not so well prepared clothing wise. Some had had to be given gym kit by the teacher. The next gym session a couple looked a little ‘smarter’ but, unfortunately without the tags it was impossible to demand my clothes back. I had to use those T Shirt and Shorts for the rest of the year, nether fit, ‘money didn’t grow on trees’. The worst thing though was the loss of the towel, mum had brought the best. It was the only Egyptian Cotton Towel the family owned and I had lost it. Like I said, I can remember it like yesterday. If only they had been tagged I could have just demanded them all back.

Sew-In, Iron-On or Pre-Cut Iron-On Waterproof Clothes Labels ?

When we came across the machine to make Waterproof Clothes Labels at a trade show in 2018, Janey and I immediately knew not only from my experience but as parents that it was ideal to identify clothes to be your child’s. It was also important to us to be able to offer all three kinds of clothes label.

Sew-In Waterproof Clothes Labels

Waterproof Clothes Labels

Sold on a bobbin, they come pre-printed, you cut and sew in to a seam. As with all the labels we sell the printing will not run, the process does not use ink, it’s a heat transfer system using resin.

Iron-On Waterproof Clothes Labels

Waterproof Clothes Labels Iron On

Again sold on a length of material and again pre-printed with the same heat transfer process. Snip off a tag and iron on to the garment, full instructions are supplied with each order. These labels as all iron-on labels are not suitable for silk, fluffy or Teflon coated materials.

Pre-Cut Waterproof Clothes Labels

Waterproof Clothes Labels - Pre-Cut

No cutting up required, the same material as the Iron-On Waterproof Clothes Labels above, but pre-cut with rounded corners to the labels. Again, non-run, and again not suitable for silk, fluffy or Teflon coated materials. Instruction are given with each order.

Whilst some suppliers quote these products are good for boil wash. All labels and printing we supply are certified by the manufacturers to 40C, washing at higher temperatures may reduce the longevity of the labels.

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