About Us

We are passionate about our business. Our business is all about service and quality.  Janey and I have been together for 33 years and before we got married we sold jewellery by party-plan. If the internet had been around then we would have been there too.

I’ve been involved with jewellery for nearly 50 years, I used to cut stones and use them in the jewellery I used to sell. I  moved into silver-smithing in my twenties and finally ended up working in fabrics, notably cords.

We used to own a shop locally selling craft and hobby materials in the nineties and moved into markets and internet sales as the web got going.

Our sashes, personalised ribbons and clothes labels in-house using only certified materials. All our products are of high quality and made of authentic materials.The pictures on our site are of real samples from our suppliers and warehouse.

Due to the conditions of light and background, they might look a little different from what they really do in the real world. In the case of jewellery and in particular patterned stones and organics due to the uniqueness of these items they will not look identical to our images. Otherwise, the item you will receive will be identical with the item shown on the picture. Each item is inspected before shipment to ensure the highest quality standards.

Quality and good service is our promise to you.

We hope to give you 100% satisfaction when you shop on our online store. We believe in liability and we run our business based on our good reputation within the gift,  jewellery and household supply industry. We assure you, our customers, of prompt delivery using reputable delivery partners.

We are constantly working to improve our products, services, and website to make your shopping experience better each time you visit us at CJ Outlet.

Thank you for visiting us today.

Chris Moore.